Nomex Coveralls - Heat Protective Equipments

From last twenty five years industrial safety and corresponding equipments which are required have been modified a lot. Because of new developments and overall progress in chemical processes and latest chemical techniques it has become very essential to provide employees and labors modern safety equipments to keep themselves safe and away from any hazardous effects. As an example, if working environment is very hot or if inflammable and hazardous chemicals are to be handled or else if employee is coming in contact with hot metal parts then such employees and labors must be provided with suitable safety equipments.

Nomex® is registered trademark of Dupont

Fire Resistant Coverall

We manufacture uniforms which are made up of Nylon and as Nylon is flame retardant they are very effective in tough conditions.

An excellent value, Nomex® lasts three to five times longer than other protective fabrics, including 100% cotton and flame-retardant treated cotton. But comfort and fit are also an essential part of safety, which is why DuPont collaborates with manufacturers and mills to help them expand on and improve their offerings of FR clothing protection with softer, breathable, lightweight fabrics. In fact, side-by-side wear tests show that the lightweight comfort of Nomex® is often preferred over other protective fabrics. DuPont™ Nomex® is widely used by those in offshore drilling, petrochemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries

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